Golf Courses in Spain

Why golf?

Sport has always been a good way of relaxing and spending a lovely time with friends or family. Golf is one of the most practiced sports in the entire world. Although it is said that golf has always been the main attraction for business men, it can be played by anyone.

Where can you play it?

There are many places where you can practice it, places that are famous all over the world. The most popular ones are the resorts in Ireland and in the USA but there are some nice ones in France and Spain too. While travelling in Spain, you should know that there are few such places, especially in the coastal areas. Las Ramblas Golf Course, Villamartin Golf Course and Campoamor Golf Course are the well known golf courses in Costa Blanca, Spain. The most special one is Campoamor Golf Courses. It follows the Spanish Golf courses model, the one with very large spaces and very green grass enclosed by fields of lemon and orange trees. It is said that the golf course here is a very well equipped one; the land is in a perfect functioning state, so you can spend some lovely moments here.

Welcoming places and people

The hotel inside this golf club is also very nice: the rooms are large and have a beautiful panorama; if you are lucky to visit the club on a very sunny day, you can admire the Little Sea, called Mar Menor by the locals. The staff of the golf club is very welcoming; people are nice and will treat you in the best way possible.

Spring and autumn, the favourite seasons for golf

If you decide to spend a part of your holiday here, pay attention to one thing: book tickets and hotel weeks ahead as in the autumn and spring seasons the place is very crowded. However, if you wish to have a more quite vacation, visit it in the other two seasons or choose one of the other two golf courses. If you choose summer, then choose appropriate clothes as the climate here is very hot; some protective sun cream and a cap can also be useful while in Costa Blanca. Do not forget about some fresh drinks, a lot of ice-cream or some very cold beers and you will feel amazing; enjoy your vacation here and come back whenever you feel like hitting a golf ball.

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