Golf Problems in Winter

Although winter golf helps a lot, blind hitting may bring all kinds of “outside the intended” damage, such as physical injury, club damage and so on. Therefore, proper and thorough preparation is absolutely necessary:

1. To keep warm

You need to wear a down jacket or coat, and it is very important to select the appropriate warm clothing in golf. Warm, windproof, waterproof and lightweight, is very important. The South players might consider wearing a cotton golf T-shirt and a wool sweater, but to the north, you obviously need a jacket. Because most of the courses are more open, it is important to overcome the wind, in this case, choose a weather-resistant coat would be easier to keep warm. Selected as cotton underwear, when golf T-shirts also must pay attention to whether the guide sweat function. In addition to clothing in addition, a thin scarf, in general add a golf cap stocking cap, etc., are some very useful tips, though small. Some courts also have to sell some of the specialized handbags and so warm, so ask your caddy it.


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2. Warm-up exercise

Although the players will have to do warm-up exercises in the end, but most of them are frivolous. In the winter in our body due to the long case of lack of exercise are vulnerable to damage, so warm up compared to other seasons is also appropriate to extend the range of motion will also increase. Experts suggest that the warm-up exercise time should be kept in 15 minutes.

3. To protect your clubs

Winter is the most likely to damage the club’s season, the club head to break, “flying out” of the case do not rare. So we should pay special attention to the maintenance of the club, for example, or try not to pit at the edge of the green wedge shot to practice, because this season because of poor maintenance and bunkers usually become very hard, it is likely to cause the club to break. You can choose a shop to do professional ball club maintenance, but their daily maintenance is also very important. Such as kick the ball to do well after cleaning, to avoid some dirt mixed in the club face and between the joints; play rubbed the head warm towels before use warm, soft head, to avoid fracture at low temperatures, However, if your club is steel, you can not use this method, because it may cause rust-face, while the rod is best not to rub with warm water, because the general bar is made of plastic, the temperature suddenly reduced to make it very easy to dry hard and crack. Also, you should choose better golf clubs for you, such as Callaway golf clubs.

Except the above, if there are friends around you, you can chat with them while playing. It will become easier and interesting. If you are afraid of cold, and are unfamiliar to his game because of a lazy season, you can choose a week to the driving range to practice once or twice. If you are able to do so, you can also consider the degree of a golf vacation, there are a lot of domestic travel agencies have launched a tour around the golf, the time mostly in 3 days, while the price is quite favorable. To warm Hainan, Yunnan, or Shenzhen, Guilin, play while traveling, early to experience the feeling of spring for the Friends of the North should be pretty good for choice.

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