Underground Life in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, which is in the seat of Clark County, is considered to be the resort of fine dining, and shopping in the world. Thanks to a number of entertainments and resorts, Las Vegas is famous as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, “Capital of Second Chances” or “Sin City”. However, it is the “Entertainment Capital of the World” which hides a hard living of people under the “Sin City\’s” Underground Tunnels.


Las Vegas journalist Matthew O\’ Brian explored the tunnels and started writing about the hidden communities five years ago. The great documentary “Beneath The Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas” (published in 2007) is really a flood brain for everybody about the heavy descriptive feeling of being in the tunnel.


A sad reality that deep underneath Vegas’s glittering lights, there is a community of people living in such defunct subway tunnels. Steven Dommermuth, one of the inhabitant and former front-desk employee, said about the hard living, “We use our imagination a lot. Our bed came from a skip outside an apartment complex. It\’s mainly stuff people dump that we pick up”.


Luxury Las Vegas at night


In contrast with colorful lights and bustle of life above, the dispossessed habitats live in hard irony.


The concreted tunnels prevent all sham glitz and entertainment from coming inside that place. People are facing with serious diseases and the risk of flash floods everyday.


The labyrinthine tunnel is over 200 miles and the home to hundreds of individuals. People make themselves basic furniture such as bed, blankets, and kitchen.


Homelessness due to economic recession and difficult job market is the main reason leading to the living. Otherwise, some people regard the tunnels as a free underground network from constraint and reach of law.


The overview of the tunnels from above streets.


The living environment is full of nasty smells, cockroaches and claustrophobia. In such a bad solution, people are described “To come out of the tunnel and face the world is intimidating”


This is the way leading to unthinkable world. The Nevada playground is left pitch-black and unseen.


The tunnel turns out very dangerous in the flash flood season. Water often comes torrentially and fills up the tunnels extremely quickly, leaving this place a death trap.


Tunnel living also benefits people to some extent. A person who previously lived here said “”It\’s much cooler than on the streets, we get a breeze coming through and the cops don\’t really bother you. It\’s quiet and everyone helps each other out down here.”



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